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Do you enjoy wearing wifes panties, or wearing girlfriends panties. Do you like seeing other guys wearing panties, meeting other men wearing panties. If you wear panties you will enjoy this site. You will be surprised at just how many other men wear panties and how many couple wearing panties there are.

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Title: Wearing My Wife Panties

Well, I took a pair of my wife's silky panties out of the house late last night, thinking about masterbating outside somewhere that no one would see me jacking off. I don't think my wife knew I took them. She hasn't put them on for a very long time.<br>I bought them for her about maybe four years ago. She put them on once for me. Then I see them sit there not being used so, the husband will use them for a good time without the misses. She is asleep right now. Maybe I need some more sex from her. I don't know. After working at City Limits until 1am spinning disc's and seeing very pretty girls in their skimpy tops and half of their panties or thongs showing just above their back of their pants. It just can drive a straight panty wearin' man crazy. I almost asked a lady to sell her thong last night to me, but I chickened out at the last minute. Anyway, if my wife found them or when she finds one of my stash of panties she will ask if they are mine or not. Thinking that I maybe cheating on her. No, I am not cheating on her, unless you think getting off in panties is cheating. I don't think it is. <br> My wife doesn't know about me taking her panties out of the house on the weekends to beat off somewhere I won't be seen. I don't know...I guess it's dangerously fun of maybe being seen by some teenage girls or some ladies in the early morning hours. <br> I bought some afew weeks ago. I think my wife knew what was in the package. It said from MPSales. Which is Mens Pantys for sale. New ones. Sorry guys, the ones who like to wear dirty pantys. <br> Well, I am the guy who wrote the story titled true story. Or was it true one story? somethink like that. You will see it somewhere in here. It's a longer one. Real long one.<br>So until later, panty wearing men (like me) bye, bye for now!

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