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Do you enjoy wearing wifes panties, or wearing girlfriends panties. Do you like seeing other guys wearing panties, meeting other men wearing panties. If you wear panties you will enjoy this site. You will be surprised at just how many other men wear panties and how many couple wearing panties there are.

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Title: Just Getting Home

We?ve both just come in from work, its getting late and we need to chill out, so while you find something to watch on TV I pour us a glass of wine. We sit together on the sofa, sipping our wine. I rest my head on your shoulder and start to stroke your arm; I work my way up your arm till I get to the baby soft skin inside your upper arm that feels so inviting. From there my hand continues inside your shirtsleeve and onto what I expect to be your silky smooth chest, but what I find is the soft material of a silk camisole. It takes my breath away for a second and I nuzzle into your neck and whisper in your ear how erotic it is for me that you have been wearing silk next to your skin all day. I tease your nipple through the silky material as I tell you that my nipples are tingling at the thought of my sensual lesbian lover dressed in silk. I sit forward and begin to undo the buttons on your boring shirt then I stand astride you as I pull the shirt from your pants and slide it off you shoulders. I lean forward and run my tongue across your lips then down your chin and neck and onto your chest. I take your nipple into my mouth; it is so hard and erotic. I undo your belt and pants and slide them onto the floor, at this point I realise your not wearing a camisole, you?re wearing MY new silk teddy – you naughty girl, you have been wearing my lingerie all day and I didn?t know. You are also wearing MY wolfords. I stand up so that I can look down at my pretty lesbian lover. You look sensational dressed in my lingerie. You are completely at my mercy as you lay before - I take your hand and lead you through to our pretty pink bedroom. <p>I sit on the bed and kick off my shoes, that feels good, I give my foot to you and tell you to kiss my feet. I too have wolfords on and I know how you love to feel my feet in wolfords. You start to kiss my toes then my feet, you are working your way up my legs running your hands over the satin smooth material, you have pushed me back to lay on the bed and you are now laying beside me, our legs are entwined as your hand continues underneath my skirt. You are resting on your elbow as you lay beside me so I take your breast into my mouth, you have such wonderful breasts and your nipples are so hard. Your hand has found my crotch and you realise I?m not wearing panties underneath my wolfords today (your not the only one who want to feel sexy at work) my pussy is already wet so you remove my skirt and start to lick my pussy. The feel of your tongue on my clit sends me wild, I push my pussy into your face wanting you to fuck me with your tongue. That is driving me wild, I am so close to cumming already, but first I want to taste your pussy. I want you in the 69 position with you on top so that I can lick your pussy and feel your nipples rubbing against my tummy. Your clit is well underneath tonight so as I run my tongue along your crack to you pussy, I can lick your clit and taste your juices. That feels just like a proper pussy and sends me wild. You turn around and kiss me, we share the taste of our pussy?s I love the taste of my pussy on your lips. I can feel our nipples rubbing together, you reach for your red lipstick and paint it onto my nipples, they look red hot, I am so close to cumming, I must have MB strapped on while you?re playing with my breasts and I want you to wear MBII, that way you can have to little penis is your pussy. I undo your teddy and slide down your wolfords and put MBII into position, your pussy is relaxed and takes the little penis in easily, then I put your wolfords back, and fasten up your teddy you have the prettiest butterfly pussy in the world and I so want to watch you cum. I now fasten MB in place underneath my wolfords. No one would ever guess what we have in our panties. We sit facing each other our legs apart, mine underneath yours so our pussies are as close as they can be. We turn the switches and the tingling sensation hits our pussies at the same time. I start to kiss your mouth while I search for your nipples through the silk. You have your eyes closed and you?re leaning back on your hands, you look so totally submissive as you sit before me. Your nipples are showing through the material, I want to suck on your nipples and feel their hardness in my mouth. I pull you forward so that our nipples touch. I rub my nipples against yours telling your how good that feels to have another girls nipples touching mine, how it makes my pussy ache when I see you dressed in such pretty clothes and how I love to share my butterfly with you. You are moaning with pleasure, you have a little penis inside your pussy and it is driving you wild. You start to move up and down on the penis as you get closer and closer to the best girly orgasm you ever had. Would you like a full size penis in your pussy? Would you like me to really fuck you so you scream as you cum? I reach for the big vibrator. I make you lay on your back, we still have our pussies close so I undo your teddy and pull down your hose so I have full access to your pussy. I pull down my hose too and bring in my new toy. I have bought us a double-ended vibrator. I move MBII slightly so that this big boy can get into your pussy, then I put the other end in my pussy, we lift our legs into the air so that our pussies are touching, we are sharing the vibration as we each ride the penis inside us. That is so erotic I can hear you whimpering as the my pussy pushes the monster inside your pussy, just relax honey, I want you to enjoy this, just like when I take you from behind. I want us to cum together. Use the muscles in your pussy to push it back into my pussy. Feel the nylon on our legs as we ride back and forth sharing the ultimate pleasure. Tell me how it feels to have a big cock inside you, how it feels to have your pussy so full that you feel like your going to explode, come on little one, tell me you love being my lesbian lover, that no one ever made love to you quite like I do. Tell me how special it is when your pussy explodes at the same time as mine. That?s a good girl and if you?re really good I will take your clit into my mouth and swallow your lady juice. My orgasm rips through my body as you tell me how it feels, but I still want more. I want to taste your lady juice. The cock slides out of my pussy and is drenched with my cum. I push your legs further back so they run down the shaft we shared and trickle into your pussy. Now I take your clit into my mouth till it reaches the back of my throat. I suck on it as I ride up and down it with my mouth. You are so near to giving me your juices, your balls are all tight and ready to give, come on honey, give the lady juice to Suzy, make me swallow all your girlyness – good girl you are wonderful

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