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Title: First Homosexual Experience

I write this as I am recalling my first homosexual experience, and what led me to the love and desire for women's undergarmets. I was ten. Dustin was the same age. We grew up as neighbors and best friends. We went to the same school, played on the same sport teams, we did pretty much everything together. Or so we once thought. One night Dustin and I had a sleepover. It was a normal, nothing out of the ordinary sleep over. We both stayed up very late, we always did this so that we could be free of any parental supervision. One night we both had to go to the bathroom. We both went into the bathroom at the same time. I pulled down my pajama bottoms and went at the toilet first. Dustin had placed himself so that he could be visible of my urinating. I knew it, and I didn't really care. First Dustin tried to make me flinch and miss the toilet. This brought us both to laughter as I despritley tried to keep my strand of pee from going all over the place while Dustin continuingly jabbed towards my penis. He stopped and I asked him how he would like to try and keep from not peeing everywhere as I badger him. That was enough invitation for him. He removed his pants and pulled his penis through the opening on his titee whittees. He started to pee with me. He took up my left hand side of the toilet as I stood straight in front of it. We both crossed our urine, splashing it about without care. I finished and Dustin soon wrapped his urinating up. I did not put my penis away when I was done. Instead I kept it out. It was growing little by little untill I was fully erect. (About 3-4 inches at that age) Dustin's penis soon grew too. We were both very comfortible. A few giggles and chills down my spine later, and we found our dicks touching one another. He had gently brushed his hard on against my crotch region. He put the tip of his penis directly on the apex of my swelling member, making the two childish body parts kiss one another. We touched each other's penis, in the claim that we wanted to feel if there was a difference. But the true claim is that we both trully loved touching eachother. It came so natural and we loved it. That night started it all. Three hours later we were combing each other's naked body. Two days later we had both fingered eachother. Dustin liked getting my index finger shoved up his ass. I liked it most when we'd kiss eachother's dicks. What I came to know as giving head, well it was a crude form of it anyway. But I loved the way his smooth skin slipped through my mouth. I loved the texture of his penis. It was bigger than mine and Dustin actually came before I ever did. He came in my mouth. His first orgasim in his life took place in my mouth. We got scared because he came. We thought I was going to get sick or something. So from now on, Dustin pulled out. But not out of my request. His young semen was of positive taste to me. One time, while giving him head at age 12 in a YMCA bathroom, i held his ass so that he could not get his penis out of me. I sucked super hard and i felt his warm spary brush against the far reaches of my back throat. Not bad for a couple 12 year olds. This all relates to panties because we one day grew extremley horny and after we both admitting to fancy the viewing of Dustin's mom, Vicki. So we went into her clothes one day and took two pairs of panties. If you are intersted in the rest of the story email me at: I'll tell you this much, his mom caught us and not only did she not tell anybody, she in fact ended up giving us a dildo lesson and more

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