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Title: Victorias Secret Saleslady

I was in the local mall yeaterday to return some things from a clothes store and on my way out I walked by the Vicoria's Secret. It is normally so crowded but I noticed there was hardly anyone there, so I wandered in. A heavyset, blonde saleslady came up and asked if I needed any help. I sort of whispered the question as to how do they handle men who buy for themselves. She said there was no problem, but that if I wanted to try things on I should come back in the morning. I asked if the next day would be a good day and she said yes, then, to my surprise added that I should ask for her because she was the manager and many of the other clerks were new. I told her that I felt comfortable with her and said I hoped we could find a time when the store was empty. I went in the next day, today, and she was the first person I saw. She said not to be shy and said she had been thinking of some items that might be a good fit for me. I was kind of turned on by this, wondering if she was as turned on as I was getting. Then she said, "I'm not sure how some of these will fit, we'll have to see for ourselves." Oh, my God, I thought, she wants to peek in the dressing room. She picked out these little stretchy lace skirts and some other panties and led me to a back dressing room area and unlocked a door. I went in and she said she would be right back if I had any questions. I stripped down to nothing and put on a pair of pink lace panties that I had to put my cock up one side of. Then as if she hadn't gone away at all, she asked how I was doing. I opened the door slightly and said I wasn't sure if these were the right fit, that they felt a little tight...i added that I wasn't shy if she wanted to look. She said "Oh God, it's not any different than the hundred women I help every day." She looked in and I was facing the mirror with all of my cock showing through the see-through material. Very professionally, she studied me and said they did look a little small. She asked if i had tried on the ones she called boy shorts. I said no. She then popped into the room, which was actually large and shut the door. She said, "Here, I'll turn around and you try on these and she handed ne a pair of white lace boy shorts. I stripped down and did as she said, but by now I was getting really swelled up. I put my cock down in front as best as I could and said I had them on. She studied me again in this very seriuos way and told me to turn around and look in the mirror. She came up behind me and said I was wearing them wrong and kind of pulled up the sides so the middle in the back went up my butt crack a little. She siad that this way it outlined my cheeks better. I looked at her and said that I was sorry I was getting a little excited. She asked if I got excited when I wore them at home. I said yes. Then she wispered, "Do you get even more excited than you are now?" I admitted tha I was often hard when I wore them. Then, like she momentarily stepped out of her serious salesperson role, she asked how I kept from getting hard now. I admitted that even though I was daring enough to try on lingerie in a store, that I was still really uptight or shy. She hesitated for a second and then said, "Here, I'll make you more comfortable, look..." Then, to my amazement, she undid her top a little and opened it up to show me her bra. She was weraing this skin colored little nylon see-trough bra that I could see all of her nipples through and they were so hard. She said, "There's only one other clerk here and I told her not to come back for awhile, so don't be afraid. And now that I showed you I'm alittle turned on, you have nothing to hide." I muttered some sounds and she said, " Here, step out of those and try on this little skirt." But this time she didn't turn around. I pulled off the shorts and my cocked snapped right out. I gently pulled up the little pink skirt and my cock was so visable through the thin lace. She again adjusted the waist for me and I kept wondering if I should touch her, because she had all but come on to me. Between items, I was standing there with nothing on and was just less than erect. Then, suddenly serious again, she said that if I wanted to try on the new things they get that Tuesday was a good day and to come in right at ten." I started to say something and she quickly said, "I'll be honest, I was surprised at how excited i got thinking of you coming in and I was going to wear this little skirt I have but I chickened out. Next Tueday I wont. it's been a lonely year and you seem like such a gentle man, my ex was a jerk." She then buttoned up her shirt and left me alone. I thought of masterbating but just wanted to savour the moment and look forward to what might happen next week.

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