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Do you enjoy wearing wifes panties, or wearing girlfriends panties. Do you like seeing other guys wearing panties, meeting other men wearing panties. If you wear panties you will enjoy this site. You will be surprised at just how many other men wear panties and how many couple wearing panties there are.

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Title: Something Shiny

It started when I was a young boy, early teens, with boy girl thing with girl across the road and her freind down the road. I used to visited my freind that lived next door to her freind. When playing in the front yard the two girls use to sit on the front porch playing girly things with dolls. I use to stand and watch what they where doing by the fence, they use to sit facing with there legs apart towards the fence, they court me perving up there dresses. One said what was I doing, I said, "I was wondering why there their was something shining between there legs". One said "It was her panties", so I was curious, then I proceeded to ask "Do you mind if you show them to me". They both had a giggle, then they proceeded to lift there dresses together. I started to feel a funny feeling within side of me when I seen panties for the first time. The next day when I arrived home from school, no one else at home, my curiosity got the better of me. I went into my sister room and open her draw with her panties in it. As soon as I touch then I had to try them on. Then I experience a funny feeling within my body, my cock started to swell (MY FIRST ERECTION), with the softness of the panties rubbing againts my erected cock and ball bag, I ejeculated into my sisters panties. After this experience I got more braver and started to slip her panties on, my special chioce was white nylon with a small piece of lace on the sides,after school and parade outside and look at myself in the window of the house and masturbate wildly with the feel of the panties rubbing against my hard cock and balls. I was in "HEAVEN", blowing to my hearts content inside a pair of white panties with lace on the sides. As I got older I became more braver and started to steel the girls panties around the area in the morning before I went to work from there clothes line in there backyards. Then I could not get then on quick enough to be once more in "HEAVEN", rubbing my hard cock and blowing inside those soft feeling panties. Then as I got older, started to get used to the feeling, I was missing something. So I visited my first sex shop and brought my first dildo "7" and started to slip on the panties and at the same time wilst jerking myself of I was ramming this dildo up my arse, this was to me being in "EXTREME HEAVAN". Then I thought I could do better than this, started to visit brothols, one that specalised in cross dressing, the girl slipped the panties on before I laid on the bed. I supplied from my collection of panties usually my favourites the white with the lace on the sides.Whilst I was in the dogge position, she slid the rim of the panties away from my arss hole, rubbing my hard cock inside the panties and at the same time ramming her dildo in my arss hole,I was in "ULTRA EXTERME HEAVEN". When I was ready to explode, I would tell her to stop,I would roll over,she would slip the panties of,swallow my large cock in her mouth right down to the ball bag and I would explode in her mouth to my hearts content."ULTRA ULTRA EXTERME HEAVEN". Here I am at 54 years old still ejoying the feel of sexy panties rubbing againts my cock and ball bags,visiting my local brothol and BLOWING in "ULTRA ULTRA EXTERME HEAVEN".

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