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Do you enjoy wearing wifes panties, or wearing girlfriends panties. Do you like seeing other guys wearing panties, meeting other men wearing panties. If you wear panties you will enjoy this site. You will be surprised at just how many other men wear panties and how many couple wearing panties there are.

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Title: Worth It Or Not

My wife caught me wearing pantyhose and a bra one night when I thought she was asleep. She surprised me when she sucked me off through my pantyhose. I thought everytyhing was okay until we were at Walmart the next night after having dinner with another couple. We ended up in the lingerie department and my wife all of the sudden picked up an pair of thong panties and held them against my waist and asked if they would fit me. She said 'since you like lingerie so much? maybe you would like these you little fairy? I was surprised and looked at our friends and they looked at me like an outcast. We left Walmart and I was humiliated. The next morning the phone rang and it was my friends wife. She told me that I should come pick up my hunting clothes "had left them there". I said I would and knew that I was not welcome there any more. I arrived to get them and she greeted me at the door and did not crack a smile. She was still wearing her robe because it was early in the morning. She said "they are in the bathroom closet". I went to the bathroom still ashamed and opened the door. Beside my clothes was a pair of off-black thi-hi's, a red bra and red crotchless panties and a silk blindfold . A note beside them read" Put them on and meet me in my bedroom. I did and felt my way to her bedroom. I felt her take off my blindfold and she was wearing stiletto heels, and a pushup bra with matching red thong panties. She said, I like a sissy boy. She told me to lie on her bed and put my blindfold back on and I did. I felt the bed move and then my blindfold came off again, her shaved pussy was hovering over me and then she squatted down and my tongue rammed in her pussy. I was thinking how great this was when I felt my panties being lifted up and over my cock and then a hot mouth wrap around my cock. I felt a tongue on each foot and someone teasing my ass. She rose up and I saw four beautiful women dressed like sluts playing with me and I was hard as a rock. My wifes friend said"we have been waiting for a guy like you, it gets a little boring playing with each other all of the time". She leaned down and kissed me and then started kissing me around my neck and then tongued my ear. She whispered "you can never tell "wifes name". Don't worry about her seeing you dressed, she reached for a remote and strated playing a video. It was a close up of her licking a pussy. The camera backed off and it was my wife that she was eating. She lied there with a tongue in her pussy and another pussy sitting on her face. She said " I don't think she is too pissed off". She licked down my chest and helped some girl i didn't know, suck me off. I watched as my wife ate some other woman and got eaten at the same time.

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