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Title: Brother & My Friends In NYC

I've never seen anything like this site before! I am a married female,5'2", little bitty body, very tight, 34-D (natural). My husband and his friends went skiing, boys trip. I thought it would be fun to go visit my little brother in NYC. Well 4 of my friends thought it would be fun too. The first night I got in late, and stayed with my brother (we'll get to how I found this site and why I'm writing this and not him). He was passed out on the sofa when I got there. He fumbled around a bit before opening the door, like he was hiding something. He went to sleep and so did I on his couch. He left early in the morning for work. I thought I would be nice and clean his place up a bit. Well it wasn't long before I discovered his lingerie stash. He's got more silk, satin, lace and everything in between from lingerie, to sexy miniskirts and sexy tops....even a stock of thigh high stockings! My brother is very attractive and straight. I knew he use to pull my dirty panties out of the laundry when we were young, but this was something else. Well I was shocked at first, then I noticed a video camera under his bed. No harm right. Well I got a full on hard core, dressed like a little schoolgirl slut, taking on 3 different realistic cocks at one time! All while he was dressed in a little plaid satin skirt, black satin and lace panties, black thigh highs, a black satin bra, and a white satin crop top that tied tightly in the front. I found myself rather turned on, after watching my little brother deepthroat one cock while he rode another one deep in his ass. Without even realizing it, I had my hand down my pants and was rubbing my own silk covered pussy. I had to meet up w/ my friend at a hotel, so I decided to take the camera, and a large selection of his lingerie with me to my hotel. I told my friends all about it and we all watched his personal porno. Sounds cleche, but all of my friends are knockouts! Total and complete, and all of our husbands were away skiing. We decided to make a trip that day down to some sex shops and we all bought different kinds of strap-ons, and shopped for lingerie. That night, I called my brother, and we made plans to go out together. I told him we were getting ready and modeling a bunch on lingerie we had bought that day. He was on his way over. When he got there, I fixed him a drink and several of my friends sat across from him, giving little peeks up their skirts. One girl came right out of the bathroom wearing red satin panties and a red bustier and slid on her skirt and white see through blouse in front of him. Then I dropped the bomb. I turned on the tv and there he was, satin ass poised over an impressive 9" cock, ready to sink it up his tight ass. He turned white. Then I brought out all of his lingerie. I thought he was going to have a heart attack. On of my friends soothed him by hiking up her skirt and running her fingers up her thigh and over her purple silk panties. Not much was said after that. The video ran. Three of the girls started to play w/ the other's panties and tits. I asked him if he would go and put on an outfit for us. Somewhat reluctantly, he agreed and came out in a few minutes with a totally slutty satin outfit on. I sat on the couch and fingered myself, while the other four girls surrounded him and ran their hands over his slutty body. He was as hard as a rock in seconds. The took turns rubbing their pantied asses over his cock and over his face. He was in heaven. Then on girl came out in her strap on. Didn't ask any questions, just went up to him and shoved her cock into his mouth. Soon he was giving her a porn star blowjob. After five minutes, all four of them had him cornered, taking turns driving their cocks deep into his throat, pushing his head against the wall. Then they flipped him over and took turns driving his ass and mouth, with a cock in each hand. I have to say, my little brother, would have made one hell of a porn star! He was awesome. He took cock from every angle, ate pussy all night and fucked all of their pussies, asses, and mouths. Talking the next day about it, he told me about this site, and just had to add to all of your sexy stories. I guess things will never be the same w/ my bother and me, but I like knowing and appreciating him for who he is and gets off on. I'm glad we could make his fantasy a reality.

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