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Do you enjoy wearing wifes panties, or wearing girlfriends panties. Do you like seeing other guys wearing panties, meeting other men wearing panties. If you wear panties you will enjoy this site. You will be surprised at just how many other men wear panties and how many couple wearing panties there are.

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Title: Boys Will Be Girls

My brother and I decided we wanted to "play girl" we were 10 and 12 at the time so were just getting into sexuality. We went to Mom and asked her if she would help us be little girls around the house and could we wear her clothes. She, at first was taken back by this and said she would think it over. Later that night she said we could wear what she had put on her bed. There were panties,bras and slips to choose from. They were all to big and did'nt look right. Mom told us that we could go shopping that weekend for clothes that fit. When we went to the store, my brother and I kept picking out clothes that we wanted to wear, the trouble was that we would say "Oh Mommy, I want to wear this" and the other people in the store would look at us like we were perverts. It ended with no purchases and my Mom going back to the store alone to buy our girl's clothes. She bought us each 5 panties, 2 training Bras, 2 slip/camisoles, tights, 2 nighties (mine was pink with ruffles and Barbie on the front). She also got us each a velveteen party dress, mine was white and Bobby's was blue. We spent many happy hours as little girls and found our sexuality with each other. Mom never interferred and sometimes would join us as we played out our dreams.

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