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Title: The LandLord

This is a true story, I was in college in at the Univeristy of Maine, and I had a older Landlord. I was 21, working at the local bar, and had always worn panties. I was dating a red head at the time for a couple years, and she had a roomate that was a little curvy. I am 6'3 210 9" cock, and her panties fit me increddibly. Well One day when I was home my landlord came by to collect rent, it was around 8PM, on a Monday night. I was wearing purple satin briefs with lace and little blue flowers. They fit increddibly and I loved to wear them. The knock on the door startled me, nad I threw on a pair of boxers, and went to the door. When I opened the door there stood my landlord. His name was Jarad, porbably 45 or so, and a little heavy with glasses and slightly balding. He said, "Hello MAtt, I am here for the rent this month." I said sure and let him in, I asked if he would like a coffee or soda, or beer. He declined the beer and went for a cup of green tea. I went to the kitchen which is visible from the TV Room from where he was sitting. I dropped the packet of tea and bent over to pick it up. When I did my boxers came down a little and I know for sure my pretty panties were peeking out of the top band of my boxers. I could feel my panties creep into my ass cunt with a nice wedgie. I walked back in as the water was warming and I had a beer in my hand. I sat on the couch and Jaraad was sitting in the chair next to the couch that sort of faces the kitchen. He asked how everything was going, I said fine, and you? Then he said by the way do you have the rent? and I said yes I will grab it for you, I went to my room and grabbed the check, and brought it to him. Just when I handed to him he dropped it on the floor. i ma nto sure if he ment to do it or not, but he smiled at me and said, "do nto worry I will grab it, I would not want you to show your panties to me again." OMG I was so embarrased, I did nto know what to say, my heart was pounding out of my chest and my mouth was so dry. I just stood there, and was frozen. He then said, " Matt is ok I am just teasing you, they look cute and I would love to see them on you." At this point I knew he was divorced but I did not know he was gay. Honestly would never think it from this big burly man. I said, "Jarad If you like, you can see them any time." he told me to sit on the couch, nad he sat next to me. he put his hand on my leg, and it was honeslty the first tiime a man had ever touched me. he rubbed my leg and wanted to kiss, at the time I was not comfortable kissign a man and pulled my face away a little, and went to the kitchen. I got his tea and my beer and sat back down. He took a sip of tea, and set it on the coffee table, and asked if I have ever wanted to be with a man, I said that I had thought about it, you know ho wyour first time is, it can be nervous, heart beating, a little uncomfortable, etc. He said is it ok to touch you, I said yes, I just sat there frozen, but so turned on. Jarad, pulled my boxers down, and just smiled at the site of my panties. He said they are really pretty. He was feeling my soft cock at this point, and then he was rubbing the inside of my thighs and the panty line on the side of my crotch, he lowered his head to crotch adn licked my panties, and breathed really heavy on my cock, it was the warm air that hit my head that really made me very very hard. He took my cock out and started to lick it, and commented on the size, that he loved it and it was fuckign huge. So there I sat all turned on, not knowing what to do, I reached around him and he unzipped his fly to release the pepsi can cock of his, may be 5 in long but the gurth of a water silo, and very fury, I played with his cock. And it seemed as soon as I started to touch his cock, I blew my load in his mouth. he swalled it all, as I sat there and just convulsed, he would not let my cock out of his mouth. Jarad sat up after a little, and pulled my panties back over my cock, and told me to stand up, infront of him with my back facing him. I was in a trance, so I did what I was told. I stood up in front of Jarad and it was my first ever rim job from anyone. He pulled my panties aside, pushed me to bend over and licked my ass for ever, I started to get hard again, as he stroked my cock. There I was thinking that all fantasies cam true, I loved ti even though I was in shock that I was actually enjoying it and also, that this may make me gay. Jarad worked my ass for 30 min or more, I was in another world, as told me to get on my knees, while he was fingering me, I did. I was ther on floor of my apt, with my landard behind me and me with a wet soaked ass cunt, pointing right at him. I was jsut on my knees, and he spit on my crack and rubbed it in, then he woudl spit again, and use his fingers, I could here him jerking his manhood behind me. Then he moved up and mounted me with his balls and cock on my ass and his legs on both sides of my hips. He gently stuffed his cock in me, calling me a little bitch, and a sissy. When he was calling me these names I jsut stayed put as he popped my cherry, It was not a pleasent thing, I sqeezed my ass together and feel forward, his cock was still in my cunt and the pain was instense, like nothing I ever felt before. I just started thinking that this would be the last time I would ever do this If I Make it through this one. My cock seemed to retract into my pelvis when He layed right on me. He held my hands to floor, and jsut kept saying to relax the pain will leave you soon, just relax, relax relax relax, that is all I heard. Then after just letting his cock rest in me, he started to move slowly, and it felt pretty good, the further away from my wall that he just intruded, and if he stayed deep it was very very pleasing. He started to really fuck me after another five miinutes and he was grunting like a bear, as I was wimpering like a little girl with a paper cut. He was still holdig my hands as he pumped away, and then he said he was cuming, he quickly grabbed my hair and pulled my head back as he put one had on my lower back, and called me a little bitch and a sissy again, he thrusted so hard it hit my spine like three times, then he collapsed on me like a 240lb Man would. I could feel his dick getting softer, and he was panting very heavily. He rolled off and rubbed my cunt for me, then I had to excuse my self and go the bathroom. When I did there was a mess. I cam back out and Jarad went in to wash his cock in the sink. I was sitting there on the couch with my t-shirt on, Jarad walked out, bent over picked up my panties, and said to lift my legs so he could put them on me, and he did. He gave me a little kiss on the forehead, and left. There were many many encounter with my landlord in college, and this was the first. True story

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