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Title: Sisters Nightgowns

My sister had been bugging me to paint the front door at her house. There is one bathroom and she puts her nightgowns on a hook on the door. I have had several adventures excusing myself to go to the bathroom and putting on nightgowns for a quickie. Often her worn panties are on the floor as well. I gave her a very nice Miss Elaine nightgown for christmas which I tried on myself because it's the kind I like! Yesterday was no exception. I went to the bathroom and there was a very sexy aqua baby doll and the panties she just took off that morning. I just started to work and they wanted to go have lunch. I wanted to stay behind for a lingerie diversion. I painted for awhile so some progress was aparrant. I carefully washed my hands and went to have a lunchtime liason. It was the sexiest nylon satin baby doll with stretch lace on the boobs and down the side with spaghetti straps. I decided to put it on backwards so I wouldn't put ooze marks on the front. The feel of the material was delicious- and the odor form the panties had my motor revving in no time. I came on the fragrant panty crotch and licked off both our juices. I parked the panties on the floor where I found them and went back to work. I later went in and dried them with the hair drier to remove the "evidence" because they were soaking wet. She later washed the nightie and panties, and had no idea what had transpired. I went back and the nightie was there today, but she put it back in her bedroom. I think she has no idea how turned on I get when I see her gowns hanging there. We are the same size and everything fits. Helping her pack for vacation was an adventure in lingerie heaven. she has drawers and drawers. I think I'll give her another sexy nightgown this christmas

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