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Title: Me And Ted In Pantyhose

The first meeting I was to have with Ted had been pre-arranged over the internet. Ted responded to an ad I had placed seeking other men in my area that liked to wear pantyhose for a possible meeting. The day had come and I had put on my pantyhose and a pair of regular pants over them and I now waited for Ted to knock on my door. The knock came, I opened the door, and Ted stepped in. He was a good looking fellow with a cute face and blonde hair. We shook hands and facing each other as pre-arranged, we both took our shirts off and stepped out of our shoes. I reached for Ted's pants as he did mine, and together we undid each others buckle and smap and both stepped out of our pants and now faced each other wearing only our pantyhose. We both wore sheer to the waist pantyhose. Mine was a light tan, and Ted chose to wear a very light beige color. I looked down to see that Ted's cock was about half hard. It was laying flat against his stomach pointing upward trapped by the tight material of the nylon pantyhose. I reached down and brought my hand up and under his crotch and gently messaged his balls thru the nylon material. His cock jumped and I watched as a drop of pre-cum oozed from the tip of his growing cock and lingered on the marerial. He reached for my own cock which was kinda rolled up and under creating a large buldge in the middle of my legs. As he started to play with my cock, I squeezed gently on his balls and saw more of his pre-cum liquid leak out. It started to kind of stream down the front of his cock on the outside of the pantyhose. Still gently rubbing his balls, I dropped to my knees and moved my face close to his crotch. I stuck my tounge out and started to lick at the wetness that had accumulated. His cock jumped again and he became wetter. Between my licking on him, and his own pre-cum oozing out, the front of his pantyhose were soaked. I tilted my hed now and opened my mouth and placed my lips on either side of his rock hard member. I continued to lick at the material as I moved my head back and forth going up and down the length of his cock. Every so often I would stop at the head of his dick, suck in real hard and move my tounge wildly about. I continued to play with Ted's balls and he was moaning and groaning above me, and I knew that he was about ready to shoot his load. I was ready to recieve it - I wanted to taste his cum as it spurted from the tip of his cock and rushed thru the material and into my hungry sucking mouth. Ted reached down between himself and the material and re-arranged his cock so that it stood straight out forcing the nylon of his pantyhose to streach outward. I grabbed the base of his cock and applied enouth pressure so that his cock stayed pointing straight out, but the nylon was clinging to his skin. I now opened my mouth and placed my lips completly around the whole head of his cock. I started to move my head up and down the length of it and Ted started to sway his hips back and forth. As I sucked him up and down, Ted fucked my mouth in and out. I heard him moan loudly and I felt his cock jump in my hot mouth as I tasted the first burst of his hot cum leave the tip of his cock, seep thru the material and enter me. I sucked in as hard as I could and as Ted continued to fuck my mouth, more and more of his hot semen liquid filled my mouth. My mouth was full and his cum started to ooze out and dribble down his leg. I felt Ted's cock jump one last time, and tasted it as the final burst of cum left him and tried to enter my mouth. I continued to hold his cock in my mouth and tounge him, and I felt him start to get a little soft between my lips. I quite sucking him now, and with my mouth still full of his cum, we went to the couch. I sat on the couch and Ted knelt between my legs in front of me. I reached down and pulled the top of my pantyhose away from my body. I lined up my mouth with my cock and slowly parted my lips and let Ted's cum dribble from my mouth and onto my half hard cock. I let go of the waist of my pantyhose, and with the remaining cum in my mouth just let it dribble on the front of me. I was now complety and totally drenched with Ted's cum, and now it was his turn to suck me.

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