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Title: The Mall

It was a cold winter day and I was bored so I decided to go to a mall that was 40 miles away. This mall had three lingerie stores in it, and I had an erection just thinking about going into them and looking. My kids were in school and my wife was working, so I put on a black satin and lace garter belt and a pair of black nylons with back seams and black nylon tricot panties and the rest of my clothes, got into my truck and headed for the mall. This was my first time out in public like this and I was excited and my heart was beating so much that I could hear it in my ears!! About 10 miles from home, the diesel engine in the truck quit and I rolled to the side of the highway thoroughly disgussed, here I am all dressed and the fucking truck decides to crap out! I was not a happy camper as they say, but I was able to solve the problem and got restarted, warmed up and rolling, but I needed to stop somewhere and try to wash the diesel fuel smell off my hands and I noticed that I had spilled some diesel fuel on the front of my pants and I could feel that it had soaked through into my panties and garter. I decided to continue to the mall and I knew that there were several large mens rest rooms there and I would regroup and clean up as best I could. After cleaning up, I walked into the mall and stopped in a pet store. My kids had been bugging my wife an I about a dog, so I stopped and looked at the puppies. I was bent over looking at the puppie in a lower cage and I was startled by someone touching me on my butt and running their finger on one of the garter straps!! I jumped up only to meet face to face with a very attractive and well dressed lady. My heart was pounding so hard that I couldn't speak and it took me several minutes to settle down. She asked me very directly if I had a garter belt on and of course I had nylons on also!! I barely squeeked out a yes. She sliped her arm around mine, turned and headed me out into the mall toward an area where there were seats. I got to the point where I could speak without stumbling and we chatted. She asked me what else I was wearing and I said panties. " Do you enjoy wearing ladies lingerie? " she asked, and I shook my head yes and she reached over and touched my very hard cock and said," I guess you do!!" I will continue this later.

We were sitting in an area of the mall that was not busy, but as I looked up to the next level, there were more people walking around. We chatted more and I started to relax some. She was a sexy lady and as we spoke, I looked her all over and she was HOT!! We got up and went to the nearest lingerie store and looked. She said that I needed a bra to go along with what I was wearing, but she wanted to see what I was wearing so we could find a matching bra. This lingerie store didn't have any items that we both liked, but we did get into a dressing room so I could show her what I was wearing. The diesel fuel odor from spilling some on my pants was apparent and almost caused her to stop this party. We stopped in a J C Pennys ladies dept and found what we were looking for but they wouldn't let us in the dressing rooms. She gave the attendant a hard time and I felt like crawling into the floor. I made some purchases with mixed emotions and said what do we do now. She looked at me and smiled and said that she lived not far from here and I didn't look like a bad dude so lets go to my house. We headed out to where my truck was and when she saw it she said that no way was that truck going to her house. We left my truck there against my better judgment and walked to her car and went to her home. Although feeling uneasy again, we got into her car and drove to her home. It was an expensive place in an upper class neighborhood and after a few drinks we relaxed and got to the business of the day whatever that was to be. She showed me the the guest bath and suggested that I shower and put on the items that I had purchased to show her. She checked me to see if I was erect and I was and assured me that we would start having some fun. Wearing a new bra, garter belt, nylons and panties, I walked out of the guest bath to her saying that this is more like it!! It all fit quite well and she said I needed more and directed me into a bedroom where the closet was a walk in and had some nice outfits hanging up. She pulled out a french maids uniform and a petticoat and helped me put them on. They were much larger than she would wear, so I asked her why. Her husband was a crossdresser and she encouraged him to dress frequently and she was the mistress. She handed me a pair of open crotch panties and told me to remove mine and put these on and start doing her house work under her strict direction. After several hours on my knees and other positions doing housework and having my balls spanked when I screwed up, she had me put my black full cut panties back on and it was time to service her, and touched me to see the degree of my erection which was rock hard, we went up stairs to her "fun room." We started fondling each other and she stroked me a little and I shot my load into my panties expecting to be scolded, but no scolding! Like I said earlier she was a hot lady and pulled my panties to the side, stroking me and told me to fuck her like I have never fucked a woman before so I did!!!! We fucked and more and being a breast man, I had to have some of hers. She had me mount her again and then her husband walked into the room and I started to freak out, but she assured me that he would watch, get dressed and join in. I left after dark, her husband gave me a ride to the mall to get my truck. He handed me a 100 dollar bill and said thanks and then a business card with their phone numbers on it. I got home much later than expected and was in the shits, but was able to talk my way out of it using my diesel fuel stained pants. I never did call back, but I did check out the house several months later and neither car was familiar. I still have the business card in the box of nylons that she had me buy.

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