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Do you enjoy wearing wifes panties, or wearing girlfriends panties. Do you like seeing other guys wearing panties, meeting other men wearing panties. If you wear panties you will enjoy this site. You will be surprised at just how many other men wear panties and how many couple wearing panties there are.

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Title: Ready To Expose My Panties

I got so excited one day I posted an ad saying something to the effect "I think I'm ready to expose my panties". I got a few replies asking for photos and I responded to some of them, It was cool. Then one day I received this e-mail from a 60 year old guy that lives a couple of hours away and he wanted to meet me and talk about panties. Well after a month or so of sending e-mails I agreed to meet him at a vacant rental property I own. One other thing was he wanted me to wear some panties and a nightgown for him. Immediately I replied that I was not gay and had no interest in seeing him wearing panties. He informed me he was married and he liked to wear panties, but his wife didn't know. He also said he liked seeing other men wearing panties and he liked to give blow jobs. I again told him I wasn't gay, but I would let him see me in lingerie. He said I didn't have to touch him, all I had to do was let him touch me. A couple of months pasted and the big day finaly came. I went to my rental property and changed into a nightgown he had seen me wear in a photo I sent him, a pair of rasberry Vanity Fair nylon full panties, a matching rasberry Vanity Fair bra and my bathrobe. Actually I put on two pair of panties. The second pair was a pair of girls size 14 satin bikinis with little flowers I bought at JCPenney's, which I put on under the Vanity Fair panties. I love the way one pair of panties feels sliding against another. I was so scared!! Right on time I saw a car pull into my driveway and I just about fainted, I really didn't think he would show up, I thought this whole thing was a joke. He turned out to be a very young looking, fit 60 year old guy and I felt really stupid standing there waiting for him in my robe. I was so nervous, I asked if wanted a bloody mary and he said sure. He was not shy and took off his cloths down to his panties, slip and hose. We sat in the living room and he talked about all kinds of stuff not related to why he was there. He could see that I was real nervous and he fixed me another drink and we talked some more and after about an hour he asked what color panties I was wearing. He caught me off guard and I was so nervous I couldn't remember. He fixed another drink for us and when he handed it to me he said in his soft voice, Are you going to take your robe off? I was so nervous, I forgot that I was sitting there in my robe, starting to feel the effects of the three drinks I stood up and removed my robe. He commented about how much he liked my nightgown and went right back to talking about things that had nothing to do with panties. By now maybe an hour and a half had gone by and he started asking what kind off panties I liked and the whole conversation turned to me and panties. It wasn't long before I was getting so relaxed that I was getting a hard on just sitting there and was trying to hide it with my glass. He never mentioned my hard on for quite awhile and then I noticed I was rubbing my empty glass on it as we were talking. He stood up took my glass and assured me it was alright to get an erection. He brought me another drink and now the conversation turned to masturbation. He wanted to know all kinds of things.....this guy knew exactly what he was doing. I couldn't believe I was actually as turned on as I was and answered all his questions. He now noticed that I wasn't trying very hard to hide the fact that I was getting turned on. Out of the clear blue, in his soft gentle voice I heard him you think you would be more comfortable on the bed? I can't believe I actually got up and walked into the bedroom and laid on the bed. He came in kneeled on the floor next to me and we talked for another five or ten minutes and then I felt his hand on my leg and I almost died. For the next fortyfive minutes he systematically proceed to molest me. It wasn't long before I felt his hand go under my nightgown and touch my panties, you have to remember I've never done anything like this before and was really nervous. Then I felt him tracing the outline of the girls bikini panties I had under my Vanity Fair panties and he pulled my gown up above my waist and he saw my panties for the first time. He gently started rubbing my cock through both pair of panties and then started kissing me through both pair. I had never felt anything this good in my life and then he slowly pulled down my rasberry panties and I was laying there in the little girls panties. I think now he could tell I was shaved, because he stuck a finger inside the leg opening and was rubbing my smoth skin. He was breathing so hard, I knew he was really getting turnrd on. Before he pulled down my bikini panties he started kissing my bra and rubbing my tits. He knew he had me so turned I was like butter in his hands. Now I felt his hand go between my legs and touch my butt hole. Next the panties came off and he started kissing my cock and then he put my hand on my cock and I masturbated for him, while he tried to get his finger in my ass. So here we are, a guy (me) never having been with a man before, so turned on and squirming all over the bed while he has his finger up my ass and sucking on my balls, while I masrurbated for him. Well, it wasn't long before I was receiving the best blow job I've ever had and was feeling the cum building inside me. He was doing things to my cock with his mouth and hand that no woman had even come close to doing. When I started cumming, somehow he just kept swallowing and sucking and swallowing until I almost passed out. Then he just kept rubbing me all over until I calmed down. He got up and got dress, while I just lay there in disbelief of what just happened to me. He came over and kissed my cock just before he left and said we should do this again in a few weeks. The door closed and I just lay there in shock. We did meet again....

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