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Do you enjoy wearing wifes panties, or wearing girlfriends panties. Do you like seeing other guys wearing panties, meeting other men wearing panties. If you wear panties you will enjoy this site. You will be surprised at just how many other men wear panties and how many couple wearing panties there are.

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Title: Gay Beach

I was near Cape Cod and found out where there was a gay beach. I told my wife I was going fishing and went to this beach instead. I was wearing cotton black bikini panties under my shorts. I parked in the parking lot and took a blanket and a towel out on the beach. There were a few people there. I spread my blanket not too far from this older guy, around 65, sitting on the beach. I took off my shorts and shirt and layed on my blanket, face up. I noticed he was glancing at me. I took a walk down to the water and took a quick swim. I felt so naughty in my panties that I got really hard. I was feeling daring. So I walked up to my blanket with a huge bulge in front of my panties. He was really watching me now. I layed down again in a way which gave him a really good view. I smiled at him. He came over and asked if I'd like to see his camper up in the parking lot. I said sure.
To make a long story short. He sat in a chair and pulled my panties down to my thighs and did incredible things to me with his mouth.

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